Following the annoucement of the company's solar-powered "Blue Earth" handset, Samsung has now brought a solar-powered mobile to market.

Launched in India, although it will also go on sale in other parts of Asia, South America and Europe, the Samsung E1107 Crest Solar will also be known as the "Solar Guru".

Apparently the first ever solar-powered GSM actually available to buy, the handset is aimed at emerging markets and gets a $59 price point.

Thanks to the solar cell on the back of the device, an hour's sun translates into 5 to 10 minutes of additional talktime, although the mobile also offers traditional methods of charging.

Other features include a 1.5-inch screen, a torch, MP3 ringtones and FM radio as well as "Mobile Tracker" and "Fake Call". We will keep you posted with news of a UK launch.