Samsung has announced it will launch the, to give it its official title, unnecessary caps and all, "Emporio Armani Samsung Mobile, NIGHT EFFECT".

The designer blower will be available in the UK this January exclusively with Vodafone and Phones 4u.

The Night Effect targets "young consumers with active and fashionable lifestyles where music is an essential part of everyday life".

A music-focussed mobile, it offers shortcut music buttons, an AMOLED display, and apparently "inspired by the illuminating architecture of Tokyo's urban landscape", a signature illuminating LED around the edge of the phone.

The few other confirmed specs include a 3-megapixel camera, 3.5mm jack, bundled 1GB memory card, soft touch finish, reinforced glass display, and - most importantly for label-lovers, the Emporio Armani logo "in metal is prominently adorned on the back with a hidden external speaker".

We'll leave you with Giorgio for the rest of what you need to know: "Those who love Emporio Armani also often love nightlife", said Giorgio Armani.

"They like going out in the city, after dark, when the bright lights of a modern metropolis illuminate the streets. For this young, cool, and social crowd, the ‘NIGHT EFFECT’ mobile is the perfect accessory. It allows them to keep in touch with their friends; it looks modern and chic, and glows when active; and it has been created specifically for easy management and use of music files".