Samsung chose the smog filled city of Beijing to unveil three new environmentally friendly mobile phones.

First up - the E200 9.9mm candy bar model has been remade using eco friendly materials and now becomes the Samsung E200 Eco.

The casing is now made from bio-plastic, which, says the team at Akihabarara News, contains natural plant-based materials extracted from plants such as corn.

And the phone will come in a non-coated recycled paper box, when it arrives in Europe early next month.

Samsung also showed off the W510 and the F268 green models in Beijing.

The W510 is Samsung's first ever mobile phone made from bio-plastic and the manufacturer adds that it did not use any heavy metals, such as Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium, in the production of this model.

And last up is the Samsung F268, which is the first BFR and PVC free mobile phone.

BFR, incidentally, are brominated flame retardants and are applied to prevent electronics, clothes and furniture from catching fire.

Continuing the eco theme - the F268 also has an alarm function to encourage users to unplug their charger when the device is fully charged.