While AT&T is the chosen operator for Apple's iPhone in the States, according to PC Mag, it's never offered a phone that can download new songs over the air before.

In comes the Samsung SGH-A747 "SLM", available in America on November 23 with the boast of being the first phone that can buy Napster songs over the air.

The SLM is a (we would say average-looking) clamshell with a 2-megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, and associated video calling - exciting for the States where 3G is less widespread.

The SLM will be capable of syncing with the Napster service or Windows Media Player via user's PCs but will also offer on the go music downloads from Napster's five million plus catalogue.

The charges for the mobile-centric music downloads will be $1.99 per song, or $7.49 for five, more than Napster's PC-based service.

The SLM will be $149.99 with contract and will include a 512MB MicroSD memory card for music storage (the phone supports up to 4GB cards) and a 3.5mm adapter for its headset jack.