Although mobile phones that can operate two SIM cards are not new, there are very few options available for anyone who wants to go down this route, which is why the Samsung DuoS D880 is interesting.

With a planned mainstream Europe launch, the D880, a not bad looking slider, will let you use the phone with two SIM cards from different operators, or support two phone numbers from the same operator.

Useful for those who have to carry a work mobile, but want to keep a private number too, it's no doubt a fairly niche market, and one that most mobile phone operators tend not to support, leading to speculation that this may go on sale as a handset only option through retailers.

Both SIMs in the Samsung SGH-D880 can work simultaneously to make and receive calls and send and receive SMS messages.

The interface is designed so that the user also can select which card to use for browsing, email and other multimedia services and profiles are automatically switched.

When a call is received, the name of the card that for the call flashes on screen and in addition each SIM card can be assigned its own ringtone.

With the main USP for this handset the dual capability, other specs are GSM/EDGE connectivty, a 3.2-megapixel camera, FM radio, 2.3-inch screen and Bluetooth.

The Samsung DuoS D880 is expected to go on sale in November for around £350. We're been in touch with Samsung in the UK and have requested info on exact pricing and availability, so will update this story when we have more info.

STORY UPDATE: Samsung have no plans to launch this phone in the UK, and as it is not a UK product, will not comment on it.