It appears that Samsung have been beavering away behind the scenes on the touchscreen "Croix" mobile phone that looks as if it could rival Apple's iPhone.

Little info is know about the hardware, the "Croix" refers to the phone's interface which has just won an iF Communication Design Award 2007.

The blurb from the awards site states: "The concept of analog cross navigation has been applied to the overall user experience – as in constant data transmission on a progressive continuum, as opposed to discrete transmission from one item to another; hence the name, Croix".

"Croix is the backbone of a series of finger touch-based mobile phones with full touch screens; it features an intuitive interface through on-screen touch input mapping which supports five different ways of interaction. An optimal distribution of the operational area and toolbox makes touch access much easier."

Whether it's just a snazzy design concept or will actually form the basis for a new offering from the Korean company remains to be seen.