Remember the slightly bonkers high-end Serene mobile phone from Bang & Olufsen and Samsung?

Well, they've teamed up again for another go at the luxury phone market and rumours have it that this is the result.

The B&O Serenata, also known as the Samsung SGH-F310, looks just as crazy but it seems as if they've ditched the clamshell design for a slider effort.

All unofficial at this stage, but a fuzzy pic and some spec info has been leaked.

Apparently is it's GSM handset with UMTS, EDGE and HSDPA connectivity.

Like all good top-end phones of late it will boast a 262k colour touchscreen.

The rumoured 4GB memory is very respectable and it will have MP3 and MPEG4 playing capabilities.

Dimensions are said to be 109.5 x 63 x 19.7mm, but the poor pic quality means it is hard to work out details.

It does look as though they've kept the wheel design that the Serene featured - the pic seems to show a metallic disc-shape on the front of the phone.

Otherwise it looks as if the Serenata is going to be playing a whole different tune than the Serene, we'll just have to wait and see...