Leaked information has revealed that Samsung is planning a rather important upgrade to its only-just-launched SGH-G600 phone.

The G600 (links for more info below) is a GSM slider with a 5-megapixel camera. None too shabby, but pales in comparison to the G800 reportedly coming soon.

As if Samsung had pondered our "cons" verdict in our G600 review "No 3G, no optical zoom, no Xenon flash" they are planning a model with exactly that.

The design and specs appear to be the same, apart from the rather tasty inclusion of "true" zoom, a lens with a 5.6-17.4mm autofocus range, and flash upgraded from LED to a proper Xenon effort.

In addition the phone will apparently get HSDPA, much-needed 3G connectivity for browsing and video calls.

Supposedly not out in Europe 'til 2008, nabbing a G600 now would not be the worst thing you could do by far, but any photography-buffs, and 3G lovers, may want to hang on for the SGH-G800 upgrade.