We gave you a sneak preview of this phone as it was making its way through the FCC approval process in the States, but Samsung has now officially launched it in the UK.

The G600, which will be available later this year, is a 14.9mm quadband GSM slider handset, the phone's biggest selling point is by far the big ol' camera feature, but the rest of the spec is respectable.

You've got your 2.2-inch QVGA screen, your FM radio, your music player, your microSD support, your Stereo Bluetooth, your 2.0 USB and your Samsung re-sized web browsing.

Although similar in design to previous U600, it does not offer the same touch sensitive controls that some people found annoying.

Backing up the 5-megapixel offering is an LED flash, sadly not Xenon, and 5x zoom.

That megapixel count brings it up to speed with high-end offerings like the N95 from Nokia and the K850 from Sony Ericsson.

It will be on sale in the UK in August and will come with a 1GB microSD card in the box.