Samsung unveils its latest mobile incorporating Symbian OS its new smartphone SGH-i400 was launched at the S60 summit in Madrid.

The new model will be jumping into the competitive mobile market and be a challenger to Nokia, based on Symbian OS and S60 it comes in a compact slim and stylish design with all the smartphone features.

To enhance its multimedia features, the Samsung i400 includes 2 megapixel camera, music key and stereo dual speaker. The display measures 2.3-inches in a stylish slider phone-design supporting full web browsing and Bluetooth connectivity.

The i400 offers extensive language supports, enhanced download applications and multitasking features. With Symbian S60, the phone allows its users to install programs on their mobile phones just like PCs.

S. P. Yoon, Vice President of Samsung’s Telecommunications Network Business said, “We can provide a convenient mobile phone experience for our users by adopting Symbian S60. Samsung is excited to present new smartphones, and we will continue to reveal new models to fit our customers’ needs”.

The handset will be available in the UK soon.