We've got the low-down on Samsung's range of mobiles being previewed and release at 3GSM.

The company is showcasing its second generation of Ultra Edition phones, which include the U600, at 10.9mm thick; the U700, at 12.1mm thick; the U300, at 9.6mm thick; and the terrifyingly thin U100, at 5.9mm thick.

The quad-band U600, the chunkiest of the Ultra Edition, although this is, of course, relative, is a slider with a 3.2MP camera, a 2.2-inch screen, music player, Bluetooth, and 60MB of internal memory.

Next up is the HSDPA-enabled, tri-band U700, another slider with much the same specs as the U600, but with only 20MB of internal memory.

Then we've got the U300, a sleek little tri-band clamshell number with 3MP camera, 2.2-inch LCD, music player, Bluetooth, offline mode, and 70MB of memory, but no memory card slot.

And finally, there's the tri-band U100, the skinniest of them all, with 3MP camera, 1.9-inch screen, document viewer, offline mode, Bluetooth, and 70MB of memory.