Samsung has revamped the looks of its “card phone”, the SGH-P300 to bring out a slimmer, more chic version, the SGH-P310.

The main criticism leveled at the P300 was that it resembled less a credit card a more a calculator, which wasn’t quite the cool factor that Samsung was aiming for.

The company looks to have gotten it right this time around, with a the P310 measuring just 8.5mm in thickness, small enough to fit into a credit card wallet. In Samsung’s own words, “The P310 shed the P300’s retro look and wrapped itself in an elegant black colour”.

Specifications on the mobile include a 2MP camera, inbuilt 80MB of memory, a music player, memory card slot, Bluetooth connectivity and a 1.9-inch, 262,000 pixel QVGA screen. The previous navigation button on the P300 has been replaced with a touch sensor soft key.

Look out for the SGH-P310 in the shops in September.