In releasing three Ultra Edition handsets, Samsung is keeping a firm grasp of the world's-slimmest-phone-maker title.

Samsung's designers apparently found inspiration in nature for the design of the new phones, although to the untrained eye they look just like underfed versions of conventional mobile phones.

The 10mm-thick Ultra Edition 9.9 clamshell comes in various cover designs so that you can customise your phone, and features a 2MP camera, multi-format music player, and a vivid 2.3-inch QVGA TFT screen.

Included software allows you to view Microsoft Office files as well as PDFs, HTML, TXT and JPEG on the mobile. It also holds 80MB worth of information in its internal memory and has a microSD slot for extra memory.

The Ultra Edition 12.9 is a slider phone that is just 13mm thick.

Its unique selling point is its 3MP camera with flash. It has the same file viewing capabilities as the 9.9, but only carries 60MB of internal memory.

And for those that want a phone that they can stick in their wallet like a credit card comes the Ultra Edition 6.9, measuring just 6.9mm thick.

The candy-bar mobile has a 2MP camera, features the Advanced File Viewer, and weighs just 66 grams.