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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is hoping to build sensor shift technology into its upcoming smartphone cameras according to a recent claim. Or, at the very least, is testing it. 

If true, it would see Samsung implement a similar stabilisation tech into its flagship phones as what we've seen from Apple in its iPhone 12 Pro Max

Sensor shift is a technology whereby - as the name suggests - there's some movement in the actual sensor itself, thanks to the way it's mounted. 

That means, unlike OIS (optical image stabilisation) where the lens moves to counteract hand shakiness, the sensor moves to compensate.

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This usually results in sharper, less blurry images, particularly in low light situations where the shutter is open for longer. 

The rumour comes from Dutch site, Galaxy Club, which claims in a report that Samsung is considering using this technology in a smartphone. 

There are no specifics on which model might be the first to get this camera advacement, but we suspect it'd likely have to be a top tier device.

Since the S21 series has just launched recently, we don't imagine it'd appear on anything until later in the year or even a phone in 2022. That's if Samsung decides it actually wants to use it in a finalised product. 

In other camera technology developments, Samsung has recently announced a new large sensor for smartphones which first appeared on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. 

This sensor was designed for better low light performance and impressively quick focussing speeds, but we're also yet to see that appear in a Samsung phone. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Editing by Chris Hall.