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(Pocket-lint) - It's been rumoured for a number of months that Samsung will be ceasing its Galaxy Note series - with Reuters now citing a number of undisclosed company sources to back up this claim.

That would mean, after its initial release in 2011, that the Galaxy Note series - famed for its integration of a stylus pen - wouldn't reach its decade-long success, with the Note 20 now expected to be the series' last.

This is perhaps no surprise though. With the company moving its top-end Galaxy S series closer in features to the Galaxy Note - albeit that the former lacks the built-in stylus - it's become increasingly as though the two have converged. We said much the same about the Note 20 Ultra, which is a fantastic phone that lacks a distinctive enough reason to purchase.

While Reuters suggests the Note will be cut as a result of high-end phone sales slumping - no surprise in the economic state of the world in 2020 - we don't think it's as cut and dry as that.

Samsung is clearly aware of its competition, often of Chinese origin, creating powerful phones at a cut of the price. But it's already responded with devices like the Galaxy Note 20 Fan Edition - a cut-price flagship that doesn't scrimp on features.

With such devices proving a success for Samsung it wouldn't make sense to continue pursuing two flagship phone lines that are just so similar. We expect that the Korean company will continue to drive research and development of its folding phones - such as the Fold 2 - with the Galaxy S series arriving in full-fat flagship and more affordable versions. There's no room left for the Note in such a market, by Samsung's own design.

It's been a good run, Galaxy Note, so while 2020 may be your last, we salute you for being such a pioneer.

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Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 2 December 2020.