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(Pocket-lint) - When Motorola reimagined the Razr as a folding phone, it captured the imagination of nostalgic fans, but it was hardly a smooth launch, with reviewers generally critical of the phone's implementation and then Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip stealing a lot of the attention. 

There's been plenty of talk about a second-gen version of this handset, with many expecting a launch on 9 September. Now we have some specs to flesh out those rumours thanks to a reliable Twitter leaker.

One of the criticisms of the original phone was the lack of power for the price. Motorola still isn't gunning for flagship performance, but turning to the Snapdragon 765 will add 5G to its feature set while keeping the bill of materials under control for Motorola. We'd expect it to still be fairly expensive, but we suspect that Snapdragon 765 will have ample power to drive the experience. 

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The phone is said to be getting lighter which will make it more pocketable while the battery takes a reasonable bump up to 2800mAh which is always welcomed. 

What we don't know from these leaks is how the display sits within the frame, which was one of the complaints from the first phone. Still, there's not long to go before Motorola will hopefully reveal all.

Writing by Chris Hall.