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(Pocket-lint) - There's nothing quite like that "new phone" feeling - whether you've picked it up in a shop, or had it delivered to your home, moving over to a new handset can be transformative.

You get to know the new features, get used to a new size, perhaps, and generally get all your ducks in a row. That said, there always comes a point when you nearly drop it, or get the fear of doing so, and realise that more than anything you need a case. It's true of every new phone, but definitely in the case of Samsung's new Galaxy Note 20, the latest flagship onto the market.

Thankfully, there's a perfect case waiting for you right away in the form of MNML's Thin Case for the phone, an early contender for the best case available. 

In case the name wasn't enough of a hint, this is a case that's all about minimalism, making sure that you're not covering up the elegant, thin design of Samsung's beast, while still giving it the extra protection that it merits.

Plus, it's been designed from the ground up specifically for the Galaxy Note 20, which means that you still have completely unrestricted access to the S Pen that makes the phone tick, for example, as well as perfectly-formed cutouts for its ports and buttons. 

MNMLPick up the perfect case for your new Galaxy Note 20 with MNML photo 1

There are smart design touches all over the case, too, like the slightly raised bevel on its front, which protects your screen from shattering even without a screen protector installed. That's ideal, too, considering how absolutely bleeding-edge Samsung's display is - it's very much worth keeping intact. 

Plus, the case is just 3.5mm thin all over, which means that the Note 20 will feel almost exactly as thin in your pocket as it would without a case at all, which is precisely what most people want. It also means that wireless charging will work completely perfectly, unobstructed by thicker plastic. 

Perhaps our favourite point about the case though, one which actually applies to all the other phone cases MNML makes, is that there's absolutely no branding to speak of on it - MNML knows that you buy a case for yourself, not to advertise another brand, so it keeps things completely clean to give you the understated look you want. That means if you're looking for a clean, simple aesthetic, there's no logo to muddy the waters. 

In fact, MNML's so confident in its case (and rightly so) that it's got a 2-year warranty that'll net you an instant replacement if anything goes wrong with it, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase. 

In short, if you're looking for a case to quickly and easily protect your Galaxy Note 20 (and, as we said, you probably should be), this is the perfect option. Pick it up from MNML's online storefront now and use discount code: pocketlint for 25% off to get yourself the only case worth having.