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(Pocket-lint) - In June 2020 rumours started about Samsung launching a new, more affordable, version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 - and new details suggest that it could be the most desirable of the bunch.

There's a pattern emerging for Samsung, where it announces flagship phones and then releases a new version, more affordably priced and making a couple of hardware changes, later in the year. 

New information suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition might not be a "lite" version of this phone that some people expected, instead being a phone to invigorate sales and offer genuinely good value for money. 

According to an established leaker on Twitter, the Fan Edition will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 - meaning flagship power - it will be equipped with a 120Hz display, designed to offer smoother visuals, with a punch hole front camera and waterproofing.

While some versions of the Galaxy S20 phone came with Snapdragon 865 originally, many parts of the world got the Exynos version of the phone. It looks as though the Fan Edition might have Qualcomm globally - as we saw with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, a phone that we liked a lot. 

Whether or not it's called the Fan Edition or the Lite remains to be seen: there was nothing particularly lite about the previous version, but we've previously seen reports that the Fan Edition name is an internal name at Samsung.

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The downside of these phones is that they undercut Samsung's existing flagship range - but it perhaps means that Samsung can launch a device in a "sub-flagship" segment offering virtually all the benefits of the real deal, but at a much more attractive price.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 July 2020.