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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's next iteration of its Galaxy Fold line is one of those handsets we can be seriously confident is well on its way. The quantity and frequency of leaks surrounding it means it would be hugely surprising if it didn't turn up fairly soon.

In the absence of official confirmation, though, another round of leaked information is still a tasty morsel to tuck into, and more alleged details have just emerged about the Fold 2.

Ross Young, on Twitter, who's tweeted about the phone fairly regularly with new tidbits has just revealed that the phone should be receiving some concrete improvements over last year's first effort.

In particular, that apparently means that the triple camera system will be getting an upgrade:

That wouldn't quite catch the Galaxy Fold 2 up with the astounding cameras embedded in Samsung's true flagship, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but the presence of a 64MP shooter does raise the possibility that some components are coming across from the standard Galaxy S20 and S20+, which both have a 64MP option.

Elsewhere, Young says that the price of the phone should also see a drop of around $100 as Samsung seeks to shift more units, which can't hurt given the huge price tag the the first phone carried. Finally, he says that Samsung is looking at an August launch and September release, which means we've still got a good few months to wait for the official unveiling.

Of course, there's nothing to say that these details are all true, but there's a strong sense of logic to them all, and we'd have both expected upgraded cameras and hoped for a lowered price, so both bode well for the Fold 2 when it does eventually release.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 28 April 2020.