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(Pocket-lint) - Folding phones might be meeting with a so-far relatively lukewarm reception, but the fact is that manufacturers around the world are still pressing ahead with confidence that they're the way forward. 

Samsung is one of those, keen to follow up its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip with another folding model, widely being dubbed the Galaxy Fold 2 for the fact that it's another vertically-orientated phone, like the original Galaxy Fold, rather than the clamshell design used by the Z Flip.


Now, the team at German site WindowsUnited has created some renders of the phone based on all of the leaks and information so far, accommodating some of the design choices found in the Galaxy Z Flip, which released after the Galaxy Fold, so is possibly a more up-to-date representation of Samsung's ideas. 

Windowsunited / WagarkhanNew renders show what the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could look like image 2

Of course, these images have to viewed with the major caveat that they are speculative renders, not anything official, so you shouldn't be surprised if the phone, when it's eventually unveiled, doesn't look exactly like this.

Various of its details are corroborated by other leaks, though - such as the inclusion of the camera unit from the Galaxy S20+, bringing the Fold 2's cameras into line with Samsung's flagships. 

Windowsunited / WagarkhanNew renders show what the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could look like image 3

Another apparent major change is the growth of the exterior screen, which people will use when their Galaxy Fold 2 isn't open. On the first fold it was quite a small display, whereas these renders suggest that it will grow to take up more of the surface of the phone. That'd be a welcome change, for sure, as would most of those suggested by the images. 

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Again, there's no guarantee that these will prove accurate, but the quantity of leaks and information makes us hopeful that these could be a fairly representative set of images. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.