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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's second generation Galaxy Fold could feature an in-display selfie camera within the screen area that would be invisible to the eye. 

The rumour comes from Ice Universe on Twitter, who claims the Galaxy Fold 2 will be the first phone to market using this technology. It'll also be released in July if the same tweet is to be believed. 

If the invisible in-display camera is used, it will mean that hefty corner notch used by the first generation model could be replaced, giving a much more expansive display experience. 

Samsung wouldn't be the first company to announce this technology if it does make its way to the Galaxy Fold 2. Oppo showed off a working example of this kind of selfie camera in 2019, but is yet to build it into a final consumer product.

In theory it works similar to the in-display fingerprint sensors we see on some modern flagships. Or, at least, the optical in-display fingerprint sensors. 

These particular sensor are essentially just cameras that scan your fingerprint pattern to verify that it matches to authenticate purchases and unlock phones. Except, the camera is placed directly beneath a small transparent section of the display. 

Apart from that, rumours suggest Samsung will use the same flexible "glass" used on the Galaxy Z Flip which is more durable than the plastic film used on the first generation Galaxy Fold. 

Providing it doesn't experience the issues that delayed launch on the first series of foldable phones, Samsung's next is sure to refine and improve on the first gen model and we can't wait to see what it's like. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.