Samsung has announced its updated family of flagship smartphones for 2020, including the new Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+.

These new devices broadly replace the Galaxy S10 and S10+ of 2019, but might find themselves sitting in the shadow of the colossus Galaxy S20 Ultra - Samsung's new super phone.

Setting the S20 Ultra to one side, Samsung is still putting a lot into the "normal" Galaxy S20 models. As before there are two sizes - now at 6.2 and 6.7-inches - with very little difference between them apart from size. Both will offer a 120Hz refresh rate, aiming to give you smoother scrolling around your device. 

The only real hardware differences come down to the inclusion of a DepthVision sensor on the Galaxy S20+, along with a larger 4500mAh battery. The Galaxy S20 still gets a battery of 4000mAh, so all these handsets should show great endurance. 

Samsung is also embracing 5G with these models, offering 5G across the board, with the Exynos 990 hardware in the UK and Europe, ready for 5G when your network makes it available. Of course, it supports all the existing 2, 3 and 4G networks too - and if you really want to avoid 5G, there will be a 4G-only Galaxy S20 model too. 

Coming in three colours, most will be drawn to the simplicity of the grey, while the pink and blue models of the S20 do offer a deeper shimmer of colour, with a pearlescent effect when they catch the light. The S20+ will come in grey, blue and black.

The biggest design feature is the huge camera unit in the corner of the phone, making a statement about the lenses, rather than trying to hide them. Both phones have a main 12-megapixel sensor, designed to capture more light than previous iterations, while an ultra-wide lens and telephoto also join the collection.


The Galaxy S20 and S20+ telephoto camera has some skills of its own, with a 64-megapixel sensor and the promise of 30X zoom out at the extreme end. That's going to get you really close to the action, if you can keep it steady. 

So Samsung's new phones are very much a story about the new camera, but in many ways they are incrementally better than the previous generation. That's not quite the same story as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is a statement in its own right.

That statement is that Samsung wants to have the biggest specs in any phone on the market. The question still remains as to whether that's also going to result in the biggest price.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 models will be available from 13 March, prices are still to be confirmed.