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(Pocket-lint) - Not content with spoiling almost every other surprise at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked launch event, now Samsung has debuted its Galaxy Z Flip phone during an ad break in the 2020 Oscars ceremony. 

The leaks of the Galaxy S20 series have reached a crescendo in recent weeks, with many clearly seeded from the company itself. It obviously couldn't resist the temptation to reveal the other big launch at tomorrow night's event.


We already knew a lot about the Z Flip thanks to other leaks, but now we can see the device in all its glory in the ad, which is intended to trail the event which is mere hours away. The Galaxy Unpacked tagline "change the shape of the future" is also used. 

One interesting detail is that small print on the ad itself says that "you may notice a crease at the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen". So that crease isn't going anywhere, then. 

The phone is sitting at 90 degrees in one shot (shown above) and Google Duo video calling is also seen. It's thought that the device will lock into place at both 90 degrees and horizontal - yes, it will fold completely flat. Let's hope it doesn't have the same hinge problems that we've already heard about with the Motorola Razr flip phone.

Writing by Dan Grabham.