Samsung is at it again. No sooner had we found mention of the Galaxy Z Flip on its French and Romanian websites, it has leaked the Samsung Galaxy S20 too.

What's more, it shows the front of the phone in an official-looking image.

The German language version of Samsung's site has pictures and a brief description of the Samsung Galaxy S20's hard case accessory, which shows the front and rear of the device.


Found by WinFuture, the presumably accidentally-posted marketing images give you a good look at the triple-lens camera on the back of the standard S20 and the central punch-hole camera at the top of the front.

The hard shell casing itself is apparently the LED case, which can illuminate to show you various symbols, a "starry sky", and/or a countdown when taking timed photos.


Other than that, you will have to wait until 11 February and the company's Unpacked event to find out more official details.

Alternatively, just check out our extensive round-up on the three Galaxy S20 models expected that day. Pretty much everything has been leaked now, including specifications, pricing, release dates and other press images.

Samsung is merely following the trend, it seems.