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(Pocket-lint) - Everyone is talking about the Samsung Galaxy S20 because it's expected to debut next week, but now, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 20 wants some of the attention. A leak for the yet-to-be-announced handset has surfaced, revealing what sort of display it might feature at launch.

Leaker @UniverseIce has claimed the Galaxy Note 20 will use "a more fine-tuned 120Hz refresh rate technology". So, apparently, the Galaxy Note 20 will have a 120Hz refresh rate screen. That's not too surprising, however, especially considering several flagship phones are adopting this technology, which is supposed to make motion look smoother on a display.


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The phrase "more fine-tuned" is really interesting, because it suggests Samsung will use the screen technology on a device before the Galaxy Note 20. If you check out our Galaxy S20 rumour round-up here, you'll notice that phone could boast a 120Hz refresh rate, too. It's thought to be a maximum setting, though, with a 60Hz refresh rate acting as the standard.

If this leak is to be believed, the Galaxy Note 20 will have the same refresh rate as the Galaxy S20, but it'll be improved. Perhaps it won't be so taxing on battery life, or maybe it'll be optimised to work a specific way across different apps? It's hard to say for certain at this point. 

It's also worth noting this is the first major leak to pop up regarding the Galaxy Note 20, which should replace the Note 10 announced last August.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.