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(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip looks to be the follow-up to the Galaxy Fold - but as we've suspected for a little while. the foldable will have more of a clamshell-style design this time. 

But wait! The promo seen in the image above - which has leaked via SamMobile and was originally spotted on social network Weibo - shows a Z-shape design. Could it really be a triple-section device with two folds? That would certainly up the game versus Moto's foldable Razr.


It would certainly give Samsung another innovative device to talk about during 2020 and - at the least - gives us further confirmation of the Galaxy Z Flip name we've heard from various sources. It now seems clear the device won't be called the Galaxy Bloom, as was rumoured for a while. That seems to have been a codename.

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The leaked image could - of course - just be stylised as a Z, with the actual device having two sections and a single hinge. However, SamMobile does point out that Samsung has a patent for a phone with several hinges in it already. Given the general direction of travel with foldable devices, that's not actually a massive leap from where we are today. 

We're expecting more details on the Galaxy Z Flip during the Samsung Unpacked event taking place on 11 February - there are hints at foldable devices in the promo below. We'll also see the Galaxy S20 series launched then as well. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.