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(Pocket-lint) - The debate around the name of Samsung's next flagship handset has been raging for some time, but that now seems to be confirmed, following the leak of real life photos of the phone, including the Samsung Galaxy S20+ name.

The photos come from XDA Developers, with images of the front and rear of the new handset, along with the startup screen and home page, showing off the punch hole for the selfie camera.

The photos match previously-leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and we can't help laughing at the irony of the sticker on the back that says "do not leak info". 

The rear of the phone shows off the enlarged camera array, which appears to have five lenses and a flash; whether these are all functional camera we don't know - one might be a time-of-flight sensor - but we're sure there will be many more leaks in the run up to launch on 11 February.

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Previous rumours had suggest that we'd get a four camera system in the S20+ - and that the five cameras would appear on the top level device which might be called the S20 Ultra, although that's still unconfirmed.

It's also interesting that this is a 5G version; currently we don't know if Samsung is going to have 5G on all these handsets or if there will be different 4G and 5G variants.

The front of the phone demonstrates how well Samsung has managed to crush the bezels, with that small hole for the camera looking a lot cleaner that any notches or in-bezel camera that you might see elsewhere. 

As far as leaks go, we don't learn much about the design from this selection of photos that we didn't already know, but confirmation that Samsung is moving it to be called the Galaxy S20 hopefully ends that particular debate.

Writing by Chris Hall.