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(Pocket-lint) - In the last couple of weeks of 2019 rumours started swirling more aggressively that Samsung would be switching up its naming patterns for the next generation its Galaxy line of smartphones. 

We went from assuming it would be called the S11 to suspecting that it might instead be the S20, before then having that substantiated by different sources

Now another round of rumours is underway after Ajunews reported on a secretive meeting held by Samsung at CES 2020. It has information that DongJin Koh, Samsung Electronics' CEO, held a meeting with telecoms executives at the trade show, at which he introduced a range of new Samsung devices, including the S20 with that new name. 

Samsung is apparently fully aware that the change in name may confuse some customers, who are used to the annual +1 system it's operated so far. However, it would seem that the start of the 2020s has inspired it to make a change nonetheless. 

That said, it's unclear exactly how the names will translate — will there be a Samsung Galaxy S20e, or will the S20 become the new budget model, while the S20+ represents the middle ground, and S20 Ultra replaces the previous S11+ niche? These tweaks have been indicated by sources, as we reported last month.

Further details from the apparent meeting include indications that the S20 Ultra will be packing some extremely impressive camera specs, on paper at least. These include 100X zoom and native 8K video recording, apparently, with the camera unit apparently named Hubble after the famous space telescope. If the S20 Ultra can zoom that far without getting muddy, it'll merit the name. 

The expectation is that we'll get a look at these phones officially when Samsung announces them on 11 February, at its next Unpacked event

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 10 January 2020.