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(Pocket-lint) - There's been murmuring that Samsung might be about to change the name of its flagship Galaxy S family, switching to Galaxy S20 and away from the Galaxy S11 name that's been assumed so far.

On the surface that makes sense: it's 2020 after all, and what better way to sell your phone than have it coordinate with the new year? That's perhaps a short-term vision: as Apple found with the iPhone X, where do you go next? 

That gives us some doubt around the name change - why dump the Galaxy S heritage for the sake of a single year benefit? But there's a growing discussion about this being a very real possibility.

The first suggestion came from an established leaker who has frequently revealed accurate details about Samsung products - @UniverseIce. We covered that tweet, but a few days later there's a wider suggestion.

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This second sliver of information comes from the founder of a phone case company called Schnail. It's not declared where the information comes from and that immediately sets alarm bells ringing because there's been a long history of case manufacturers hedging their bets, using rumours as fact to promote their cases.

That could be happening here, because this leak makes no sense at all: the author (and founder of the case company) has a new Twitter account rather than being an established leaker and we can't help feeling that openly sharing privileged information is going to damage any relationship you might have with the company you want to make cases for. 

In truth, we had ignored this new rumour because it's a shaky source, until @UniverseIce swung back in to comment, which goes some way to verify some of these claims.

So, it might be that the Samsung Galaxy S11e is called the Samsung Galaxy S20 (the budget model), the Samsung Galaxy S11 is now Samsung Galaxy S20+ and the Samsung Galaxy S11+ is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or some other name. 

That all suggests that Samsung is going to essentially crown the top model with a new name to make it clear that it's the best of the bunch. We're hoping it doesn't end up with a "Pro" name like the iPhone, because Samsung should be owning this family of devices and not following Apple.

We're expecting the next Samsung Galaxy S family to launch in February 2020, but we're sure there's going to be a lot more discussion around the names that these phones will actually get.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 31 December 2019.