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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's clamshell folding smartphone - its second in the Galaxy Fold range - is rumoured to be getting a release date before the Galaxy S11. 

The latest report claims that the second Fold will share an unveiling with the Galaxy S11 series, but will be made immediately available after announcement in Korea. 

We're hesitant to call this phone the Galaxy Fold 2, primarily because its form factor is so different to the first Galaxy Fold

The phone rumoured is said to fold like a clamshell, or flip phone, just like the Moto RAZR, rather than fold across the vertical axis like the current Galaxy Fold. 

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Currently, it's expected that Samsung will announce its next lot of smartphones at an event in San Francisco on either 11 February or 18 February, with the latest suggestion being that the former is the most likely date. 

As for this second Galaxy Fold, known by its model number as SM-F700, it's rumoured that it'll come in a lot cheaper than the first Galaxy Fold, possibly similar in pricing to the aforementioned RAZR. 

The report on its February release comes from Yonhap News Agency, which also states that Samsung aims to sell six million folding smartphones in 2020, which does suggest pricing will need to come down from the near £2,000 price point of its existing device. 

One way to keep this price down is using mid-range specifications and hardware. It's been rumoured it'll only be available as a 4G device (not 5G), and that it'll only have a dual camera on the back, rather than an advanced four or five camera system. 

Arguably the most important thing will be ensuring it doesn't face the issues the first series launched with. 

If Samsung can ensure the display is durable and isn't easily tampered with due to the folding hinge design, it'll be a much smoother launch than the Galaxy Fold in 2019 which ended up being delayed for around six months. 

As always, we'll keep an eye on developments as they occur.

Writing by Cam Bunton.