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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Samsung might ditch its phone naming pattern for the next Galaxy S flagship.

In a similar move to what we saw with Huawei's P series and Mate series phones, Samsung is apparently jumping from S10 to S20, rather than call it the S11. This is according to Ice Universe on Twitter; a leaker with a solid track record. 

This suggestion is quickly followed by one that clarifies that because it's the year 2020, Samsung is opting to start a new wave of Galaxy phones with a new focus. 

The only confusion here is that this very same leaker has since referred to the phone as Galaxy S11 again, so it seems even they aren't 100 per cent convinced Samsung would ditch its naming convention so readily. 

In the same breathe, @UniverseIce has also re-stated his belief that the phone range will launch in February. 

While originally fairly sure that the launch event would take place on 18 February, he now believes it's more likely to be on 11 February. Although it still seems that date isn't written in stone just yet. 

Clearly, in regards to naming and launch date, there's a lot to be nailed down still and - until Samsung announces it officially - it's all up in the air. 

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As we mentioned already, Samsung wouldn't be the first company to adopt this new naming strategy. Huawei did the same with both the P series and the Mate series.

With the former, it jumped from P10 to P20 and has since released the P30 series. Likewise, the Mate series went from Mate 10 to Mate 20, then Mate 30. 

As for Samsung, it's been rumoured the S11/S20 will feature a completely revamped camera experience. 

The latest rumours suggest we'll see a five camera makeup on the back featuring a mega 108-megapixel sensor and a periscope zoom lens similar to Huawei and Oppo's effort with 5x optical zoom. 

We're also expecting to see three different devices in the range, similar to what we saw with the S10 series. Except, for 2020, all three are claimed to feature curved edges down both sides of the display. 

Whatever happens, we'll continue covering all the developments, so stay tuned for more as the launch date nears. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 27 December 2019.