After a long and winding road to get its first Galaxy Fold to market, Samsung has a second-gen device in the works. But unlike the original, it's rumoured that the Galaxy Z Flip will sport a clamshell folding design.

This feature rounds up all the leaks, rumours and speculation surrounding the next-gen Galaxy folding phone. Here's everything we know so far...

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Release date & price

  • Possible 11 February announcement
  • To be priced as a flagship candybar phone

Samsung usually announces its flagship Galaxy S range - which will be the S11 or S20 - ahead of Mobile World Congress and Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy Unpacked will be held on 11 February 2020. It's likely that the Galaxy Flip will be announced at the same event - and the teaser has what looks like folding devices in it.

The event will take place in San Francisco.

As for the price, there's a rumour that Samsung is going to be positioning the Z Flip alongside the Galaxy S11 in terms of price. That will mean it's a lower spec phone, but more accessible. That could see it come in under €/$/£1000. There's been one rumour suggesting the retail price might be as low as $860, based on the Korean price.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip name

It's been called the Fold 2, the Bloom, it's known by the SM-F700 model number, but it looks like the go-to-market name will be the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. 

This comes from a reliable leaker on Twitter, providing a sensible name for the phone, following a run of rumours suggesting it was going to be called "Bloom" - it's long-established codename.

While there's nothing else to substantiate this rumour, it does give the series a name - Galaxy Z - meaning that Samsung can release other folding phones into the Galaxy Z family in the future. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Design and display

  • Clamshell design
  • 6.7-inch display rumoured
  • Smaller than original Fold

Where the Z Flip is rumoured to differ dramatically from the original Fold is in its design: the second-gen folding phone is said to sport a clamshell design, which would suggest a smaller folding device, akin to the Moto Razr. It's said to be coming in black and purple options.

That design has been shown off by Samsung as a concept and, most recently, we've seen photos in the wild of such a design - although there's no telling if this is the concept phone, a prototype or a complete fake.

Wang Benhong - WeiboSamsung Galaxy Fold clamshell image 7

What's interesting about these images is that there's still a hefty bezel around the display, hardly the edge-to-edge experience we've come to expect from Samsung. That display was rumoured early on to be 6.7-inches. We can't see much detail around the hinge itself, although it looks similar to the existing Galaxy Fold. 

Certainly, when the phone is closed, it appears to look like the current Galaxy Fold, so we imagine that it's the same plastic-coated AMOLED display, with the same protected hinge - and the bezel is likely necessary to protect the edge of the display and make sure it can't be peeled off. Samsung has recently filed a patent for ultra thin glass, which might add protection to the display, although how that would work through the fold, we don't know.

The exterior appears to be a glossy finish and there's a small secondary display on the outside - there's no telling if there's a bigger external display. From what we've seen so far, that might not be the case.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Specifications

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • 3,300 or 3,500mAh battery
  • 256GB storage
  • 4G LTE

We've now had a leak from a reliable source suggesting that the Galaxy Z Flip will sit on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform. This might be to keep the price under control or that the development cycle didn't give Samsung the time to use Snapdragon 865. Either way, it's a minor point and still flagship grade hardware. Using Snapdragon 855 also chimes with the rumour we've heard that it will be 4G only.

Other mentions of any spec in relation to a future Galaxy Z Flip suggest that it would have 256GB storage and there's been some discussion around the battery capacity, with claims that there will be two different battery sizes in the phone, perhaps because of the constraints of space.

There has also been some code discovered in One UI which suggests that it might support fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cameras

  • Dual external camera
  • Single 10MP punch hole front camera

The first thing to note about the cameras is that there are dual cameras on the exterior. There's been one rumour that suggested these would be the 108-megapixel sensor heading to the S20 Ultra as the main camera, with a second telephoto lens. There's also a rumour that the S20 will have a new 12-megapixel camera, which might be more appropriate. There's nothing concrete, so far, on what cameras we'll see.

That's very different to the original Galaxy Fold that was equipped with a full complement of cameras, inside and out.

For the front facing camera, it looks like Samsung is going with a single punch hole camera and this is reported to be a 10-megapixel sensor - probably the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Fold clamshell rumours: What's happened so far?

Here are all the rumours and leaks surrounding the new Galaxy Fold so far.

21 January 2020: Specs leaked, including camera and battery details

Specifications of the Galaxy Z Flip suggest we're going to see a 12MP camera, as well as either 3,500mAh or 3,300mAh battery inside. 

16 January 2020: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could cost as low as $860

Prices have leaked in Korea and converting those prices suggests that the Galaxy Z Flip might not be as expensive as originally thought.

13 January 2020: Samsung's second-gen folding phone is called the Galaxy Z Flip

A reputable Twitter leaker has confirmed that Samsung will be calling the folding phone the Galaxy Z Flip.

10 January 2020: Samsung's next Galaxy Fold might actually be called Galaxy Bloom

Reports coming from Korean media stated that they were shown the name Bloom on a slide at a behind-closed-doors meeting at CES 2020.

7 January 2020: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumoured to come with Snapdragon 855

A reliable leaker has suggested that the Galaxy Fold 2 could come with Snapdragon 855.

5 January 2020: Samsung confirms Galaxy Unpacked for 11 February 2020

Samsung has confirmed that it will be holding a Galaxy Unpacked event for 11 February 2020 and we might see the Fold 2 announced there.

3 January 2020: Samsung's next Galaxy Fold could have super fast charging

A piece of code discovered in Samsung's One UI suggests fast charging for the Galaxy Fold.

19 December 2019: Samsung's clamshell Galaxy Fold leaks out in dramatic style

Images claiming to show the forthcoming Samsung clamshell folding phone have appeared on Weibo, giving a good look at the potential design of Samsung's next folding phone.

13 December 2019: Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) trademark application

As we first touched upon back in October 2019, Samsung is looking to patent 'UTG' (that's Ultra Thin Glass), which it is producing via Dowoo Insys. It's scratch-resistant, tougher than plastic coatings, but doesn't necessarily get around the problems of glass fragility - especially for a folding device.

11 December 2019: Samsung Galaxy S11 series could launch on 18 February

Although this story suggests the Samsung Galaxy S11 might launch on 18 February, it's possible that the next folding phone will be unveiled at the same event.

2 December 2019: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could cost around $845

Reports from Korean media suggest that the new Galaxy Fold could cost 1 million won, around $845 with a launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S11.

18 November 2019: Second Samsung Galaxy Fold will be cheaper, and possibly a flip phone

Rumours suggest that the next Galaxy Fold will be a clamshell design and positioned in a slightly more affordable space.

29 October 2019: Samsung's latest foldable smartphone is basically a touchscreen flip phone

Samsung revealed a folding flip phone at a developer conference, introducing it as a concept model, but giving an insight into where Samsung might go with folding phones in the future.

29 August 2019: Here's what a Samsung horizontal folding phone could look like

Concept renders based on Samsung patents give us a look at what a Samsung flip phone might look like.

6 June 2019: Notch-free, edge-to-edge renders (based on a US patent)

Way back before the original Fold even launched proper, renders appeared of what the next-gen device could look like, complete with edge-to-edge screen and no pesky notches in the way.