It may have taken time and hit various hurdles, but 2019 did, finally, see Samsung launch the first Galaxy Fold folding phone. And in 2020 we're expecting the Fold 2, complete with, if rumours are correct, a new screen type.

As LetsGoDigital points out in its acquisition of a Samsung-made trademark application, the Korean company is set to claim Ultra Thin Glass, UTG for short or Samsung UTG, as its own. 

Whether this is designated for the new Galaxy Fold device, however, is up for debate. After all, glass doesn't fold, and nowhere in the trademark application does Samsung make any specific regards to such devices - well, other than 'display for smart phones', but that could be any form rather than just foldables.

We can see why UTG would be used, though, as it's a lot more scratch-resistant than the screen covering on the original Fold device. It also does away with the reflective quality that you'll see in POLED displays - that's Plastic OLED - such as that found on the Moto Razr.

Perhaps we'll know more at Mobile World Congress 2020, which is around the time that Samsung is likely to show-off its next-gen folding phone, complete with a new clamshell design.

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