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(Pocket-lint) - As indicated by leaked renders in the last few weeks, it looks like Samsung is planning to go big on cameras for its next round of flagship Galaxy smartphones.

We've seen mockups of the Galaxy S11e, the slightly lighter-weight version of the phone, with a pretty chunky array of cameras on its back, but even that pales compared to renders of the main Galaxy S11, which appears to pack five lenses into a large rectangular camera bump.


Now these renders and rumours have been added to by Bloomberg, which says it's spoken to people familiar with the phones' production plans, and has seemingly confirmed various details about the new range, coming in 2020. 

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For one, it's affirming that the Galaxy S11 will indeed ship with a 5x optical zoom lens, with production of the relevant module apparently having started this year already. So, too, the 108-megapixel sensor that has also been bandied about.

Interestingly, both this zoom lens and high-resolution sensor are also apparently coming to the next phone in Samsung's Galaxy Fold series, which may be unveiled in the near future. That phone might be a bit cheaper than its predecessor, and is reportedly going to be coming in a clamshell design like the new Motorola Razr, rather than the vertical fold adopted previously. 

This, too, isn't a new rumour - we were getting hints even a few months ago that Samsung was changing the Fold's design. However, it looks like there might be multiple new folding phones in the works, with at least one vertically-folding version possibly planned - one with a name, the Galaxy W20 5G

The main Galaxy S11, meanwhile, will match the iPhone 11 Pro by bringing an ultrawide lens to the table, too, an addition that will go down well with anyone looking with jealousy at Apple's newest line-leader.

As we recently noted, the camera bump this all translates to for the Samsung Galaxy 11 is looking it will be frankly massive. It'll be interesting to observe how it goes down with consumers once unveiled.  

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.