(Pocket-lint) - The woes of the Samsung Galaxy Fold have been well-documented, but the modified new Fold still needs to be treated with kid gloves. 

How do we know that? Samsung itself has launched a video entitled Caring for your Galaxy Fold which gives new and would-be owners tips on not messing up the ultra-expensive phone. 

The Galaxy Fold, complete with its 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display is now on sale in various countries including the US and UK.

And Samsung even has special customer care for the Galaxy Fold Premier Service including a dedicated hotline in each country the device is on sale. There's even a year's free accidental damage cover, too, providing you register your device within the first month.  

The video says there's no need for further protective film on the display for starters - the protection that's there already now bends around the edge of the display, so there's no way it can be removed (which was the problem with some of the initial review units). 


The video also says you should "just use a light touch", which doesn't exactly sound great. 

The other key point of the video is that it talks about how the magnets at the edge of the phone keep it securely closed - but that you shouldn't put magnetic strip cards or coins near the device.

Writing by Dan Grabham.