(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is finally ready to make the Galaxy Fold available following a number of tweaks to fix the issues discovered by early reviewers.

The Galaxy Fold - which has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display - will go on sale in Korea on 6 September, followed by the UK, Germany and the Netherlands on 18 September and then the US, but what has changed in the new device and is it worth considering now it's 'fixed'?

We take a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, version two.


Protective film now extends beyond bezels

The protective film - the part that reviewers had mistaken for a screen protector - now extends beyond the bezels on the re-engineered Samsung Galaxy Fold. 

On version two of the device, there is now no gap between the bezel of the device itself and the film, with the film placed underneath instead. It means there is nothing to 'pick' at essentially, keeping the beautiful AMOLED screen protected.


Protection caps have been added

The second thing Samsung has changed is again on the display, but this time near the virtual dual-axis hinge mechanism. Small, v-shaped protective caps have been added to the top and bottom of the display where the screen folds.

They blend nicely into the design and sit on the hinge itself on the inside of the device, keeping the display secure.


Space has been reduced between hinge and body

Moving to the rear of the Galaxy Fold device, Samsung has reduced the space between the hinge and the body of the device. It is now much more seamless in design than the original model, while it also reduces any debris or dirt getting in and potentially causing damage to the screen or the hinge.


Should you consider the Galaxy Fold now it's been 'fixed'?

You can read our full initial review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in our separate feature, but the fixes do seem to have made quite a big difference based on our initial impressions of the device. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is an exciting device, and it is beautifully engineered. It has a fantastic reassuring snap when it closes and the interface is lovely and smooth, with the various software features making for a great experience.

We'll have to wait until we get it in for full review to pass our final judgement on it, but we were pleasantly surprised by it and we're looking forward to trying it out properly.

You'll be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold from 18 September in the UK for £1900. For now, have a look through the gallery at the top of this feature to see close ups of all the fixes.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.