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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus in a number of different colours a little earlier in 2019. But, for a few reasons, we think the Prism Silver is an extremely good choice, and it's available exclusively from Carphone Warehouse in the UK

1. Multi-layered colours

One of the features we love about the glass finish on the Galaxy S10 in Prism Silver is that it seems to change colour depending on what light it's in, and what angle you're holding it at. So, while its default head-on colour might just be the simple, sleek silver finish, it will change. 

Hold it so that light reflects almost directly at you and it'll take on a pink-ish/orange hue. But, hold it at an angle away from you and that same light will turn the entire back of the phone a bright turquoise. At another angle, it almost looks pure gold. 

Depending on the shape, brightness and temperature of your white lights, these can change and even introduce attractive stripes across the back. It's no surprise Samsung went with the "Prism" moniker to describe its colours, because it seems to act like a prism when interacting with light and angles. 

2. Reflections

As well as showing off its own sub-layer colours, the silver-chromed finish on the phone's rear is great for blending into the environment. It'll reflect the red off your t-shirt, for example, or the colours of your surroundings. It'll fit in with whatever you're wearing and wherever you happen to be. In essence, its purely reflective primary finish almost camouflages the handset. 

Of course, this reflective property can also serve as an emergency mirror should you need one. After lunch, it's on hand for when you want to check if you have food in your teeth, whether your make-up has smudged, or if your hairstyle has been ruined in the wind. Perhaps more vitally, it can even act as a rough guide/viewfinder if you want to take a selfie with the better cameras on the back. 

3. It's unique

One of the great things about the Prism Silver is that, with so many having bought a Galaxy S10 already, you'll have a colour no one else has. They might have black, white or emerald green, but they won't have the pure, silver goodness that comes with the Prism Silver model. 

You can order it on a range of plans direct from Carphone Warehouse