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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Note 10, making a significant change in its approach to launching this larger than life phone. It now comes in a small size too. 

That's right, rather than the Note being limited to the biggest of screens, there's now a more conventional size for those wanting the S Pen experience without the huge phone. The Galaxy Note 10 has a 6.3-inch display while the Galaxy Note 10+ has a 6.8-inch display. 

The move generally equates to the sort of size difference that Samsung has offered on its Galaxy S flagship phones in the past. With many manufacturers - including Samsung itself - struggling to sell expensive handsets, offering a smaller size at a cheaper price point might help Samsung get more devices sold. 

One of the big talking points will undoubtedly be Samsung's new Aura Glow colour option, which looks like a push back against the sort of fancy colours we're seeing from the likes of Huawei. Aura Glow is hard to describe, it's like a holographic silver, glossy, reflective, and exploding in an array of colour when light hits it. Gone are the boring days of black, but yes, it does also come in black.

Pocket-lintSamsung Galaxy Note 10 image 6

Samsung has moved the camera in the Infinity-O display to the centre, citing symmetry as the reason, while also pushing that top bezel back even further. The rear of the phone gets a triple-camera bar, with the Note 10+ getting a fourth sensor, the DepthVision camera.

There are a range of changes to the S Pen, which has a new battery technology giving you 10 hours of use and supporting a wider range of remote functions. New Air Gestures will make use of the six-axis sensor to determine how you are moving the S Pen, allowing you to register swipes and motions on the device.

These new gestures can swipe through camera modes, including zooming the camera. That's fine when it's not in your hand, but we don't really know if anyone is ever going to use this feature. It's all open to developers, however, so some clever solutions could appear.

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There will be support for 45W charging (charger sold separately) with a 3500mAh battery in the Note 10 and 4300mAh battery in the Note 10+. 

While the phone runs on Android Pie with Samsung's One UI, there's a focus on gaming with an AI-boosted gaming mode, as well as enhanced screen recording - including the option to include yourself in the captured video - perfect for recording Call of Duty Mobile sessions.

As we said there are two sizes, three different colours of each and now there's also going to be the option of 5G in some regions. In the UK and Europe there will be a 5G version of the Note 10+ running on Exynos hardware and using Samsung's own 5G modem. 

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The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ pre-orders open on 7 August and it will be available from 23 August. In the US, the standard model will start at $949.99 and the Note 10+ will start at $1049.99. In the UK, prices start at £899 for the Note 10, £999 for the Note 10+ and £1099 for the Note 10+ 5G.

Writing by Chris Hall.