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(Pocket-lint) - There’s no question, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the best Android smartphones on the market. If you own one currently, we’re sure you want to keep it as bright and shiny and new as the day you bought it. That’s why, if you’re walking around with it unprotected, you need to stop what you’re doing and get yourself a Presidio Pro case from Speck.

Let's face it, even the most cautious of us are prone to the odd accident. Life is full of surprises, so it’s best to have a protective smartphone case that’s guaranteed to safeguard your S10 from drops and dings, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

A history of phone case innovation

Thankfully, Speck has been making protective and pocket-friendly smartphone cases for almost 20 years. It prides itself on designing Samsung cases that are super protective, without all the obnoxious bulkiness found in other cases. It’s truly the perfect combo, and it's years of testing and innovating are obvious the second you see and feel a Presidio Pro case.

Drop tested protection

The company's Presidio Pro line comes with a massive 10ft drop protection thanks to a technology called Impactium. This special material acts as a shock barrier on the inside of the case to compress on impact and absorb and disperse shock when you drop your phone.

The custom-made material is proven to disperse 50 per cent more shock than other cases on the market, so you can be sure your S10 remains safe if-and-when you drop it. They even test with third-party testing labs, so we can all feel comfortable knowing the tests are truthful.

Tons of colour options

Not only is the Presidio Pro drop tested up to 10ft, but this smartphone case line has a slew of color options that are built to make your Samsung Galaxy S10 look as beautiful as it did without a case.

No matter what your favourite colour is, you have your choice with Presidio Pro.

Added screen protection

To enhance the protection further, Speck has also added a raised bezel to its phone case. This raised edge is built to protect your phone on face-down drops. You can tell Speck is really making strides in giving us all-around protection, so we don’t have to see our life flash before our eyes when our phone falls screen-down.

Soft-touch and scratch-resistant finish

When choosing the perfect smartphone case, you need to like the look, but the feel and durability are also incredibly important. That’s why Speck’s Presidio Pro case has a grippy, soft-touch finish that helps increase stability when texting, and it also prevents sliding when on smooth surfaces.

The matte design also comes with a scratch-resistant finish to keep your case looking great even longer.

If that all wasn’t enough already

The Samsung Galaxy S10 case is also enhanced with an anti-microbial treatment that provides lifetime antimicrobial product protection. That means it’s guaranteed to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the case. Just another way of protecting you and your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Lastly, the Presidio Pro is thin enough to allow for easy wireless charging, something the Samsung Galaxy S10 is great for. So, when your phone is low on battery you don’t need to remove your smartphone from the case. Just set it on your charger and you’re good to go.

Where to get your Presidio Pro?

You can buy the new Speck Presidio Pro case for the Samsung Galaxy S10 here.