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(Pocket-lint) - After many delays and false starts the Galaxy Fold could soon be available. A leak suggests that it will be released in the US (at least) on 27 September, following months of work designing and developing fixes to a couple of issues that cropped up with the flexible screen.

Online phone leak specialist, Evan Blass, tweeted the date. Previous speculation had suggested that it would be around a week sooner, while Samsung itself did reveal that it was aiming for the month in a press release issued in July.

Other recent rumours claimed that the phone would first hit the streets on 6 September in Samsung's homeland of Korea. That could still be the case.

In its official July release, the company stated a number of different improvements have been made, most of which we had heard about already

First and foremost, the protective film on top of the display has been extended beyond the bezels of the screen, to ensure that no one will be able to peel it off, thinking it's just a screen protector. 

As well as that, a few strengthening improvements have been made to the hinge and the bending display, to ensure less likelihood that the screen will deteriorate or break during use. 

Both the top and bottom ends of the hinge have been strengthened with the addition or protection caps, while the space between the hinge and the body of the phone has been reduced, both will likely combine to ensure less chance of small debris getting in beneath the screen. 

And if anything does get in, it'll have several metal layers beneath the display to get through. Samsung has strengthened the display panel itself in this way to make it less fragile. 

These fixes - of course - were forced by the fact that several US media members spotted faults developing with their own review units shortly after the device was shown to journalists. 

Some of them had removed the protective film, despite the fact that it isn't designed to be, and others saw serious issues like half the display going black. 

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Despite the early teething problems, the Fold is one of the most exciting phones to be launched in a long time. The big square-ish screen on the inside is great to use, and it's supremely portable when folded up in a pocket. 

With such a groundbreaking product it was vital that Samsung fixed the issues found in the early units. Having a brand new device with little consumer confidence would surely be detrimental to any future generation of Galaxy Fold. 

What's more, with the price tag of £1,800, any buyers would surely be displeased with their phones showing basic issues that really should have been discovered and fixed before units were handed out to the press. 

Once 27 September comes around, it'll be interesting to see how many buyers are brave enough to be an early adopter. Let's hope those that are don't find any further issues, otherwise the Galaxy Fold name will need to work even harder to restore confidence. 

Writing by Cam Bunton and Rik Henderson.