The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been spotted in the real world, being used on the metro in New Delhi, suggesting Samsung's futuristic foldable phone is being tested. 

This is news primarily because the Korean tech giant had to go back to the drawing board with the design and durability of the phone. 

Last we heard, Samsung was coming up with ways to improve the durability of the flexible screen, and that we might be expecting it to be relaunched as early as this month. 

The image, sent to SamMobile, clearly shows the Galaxy Fold being used out in the wild.

Down to how subtle the improvements needed for the device, however, it's impossible to tell if this is one from the first wave, or if it's the new and improved model. Given that Samsung recalled the first lot, the latter is more likely. 

SamMobileIs the Samsung Galaxy Fold finally fixed Unit seen in the wild image 2

It's safe to say that Samsung's Galaxy Fold has had something of a turbulent launch. 

Initially, when showed off to media, there was a lot of buzz and interest around a phone which was genuinely exciting. When we got our hands on, we felt it was the most exciting phone we'd seen in years, but then issues started to crop up. 

Then, review devices in the US began showing problems, specifically around the display. Some units developed an issue where the screen stopped working. 

To fix these issues, Samsung stretched the protective film on the surface to wrap around the entire display panel, and tucked into the frame of the phone.

It's also redesigned the hinge, creating a subtle protrusion that should reduce the chances of a crease developing in the screen, and therefore weakening the panel. 

While we'd heard a little while ago that the Fold might launch this month, the most recent report stated that Samsung was no longer in a rush to launch, since Huawei also postponed its own foldable phone launch. 

Whether or not we do end up seeing it launch in July is yet to be seen, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as the news develops.

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