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(Pocket-lint) - According to recent reports, Samsung is taking a little longer than expected to address the issues with the Galaxy Fold's design and display durability. 

Industry sources tell the Korea Herald that Samsung had initially hoped to resolve the problems and roll out the phones soon, but now it looks as though it won't be ready until after June. 

Samsung was expected to have announced the new launch date by now, but testing and improvements are still ongoing. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was fully unveiled to a lot of excitement in the middle of April, with the initial pre-order date set for the end of the month. 

During the early US review cycle, however, a handful of units started showing signs that the flexible display wasn't as durable as it should be. 

Samsung has since been investigating the issue and has worked on a couple of specific fixes for the problems found. 

One involves tucking the protective layer over the display into the device, so consumers won't be tempted to try and peel it off.

The second is sealing up the gap that exists in between the hinge and the screen, stopping debris from getting underneath and breaking the panel. 

Of course, none of this delay news comes officially from Samsung, the manufacturer is still being quite silent on the issue so far. 

What's interesting here is - as noted by Engadget - Samsung has until Friday, 31 May to cancel pre-orders in the US, or get consent for the delay. 

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The positive side of this is that it still very much looks like Samsung is keen to launch the phone. It's not giving up on its awesome folding device, it's just going to be here later than we wanted it to be. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 29 May 2019.