(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is working on a couple of specific fixes for the Galaxy Fold to address concerns raised during the early testing period. In particular, fixing those pesky screen problems.

During the review phase in the US, a number of units showed varying problems with the screen. Some issues were down to users removing the top layer of the display's protection, which looks like a removable screen protector. Others' problems were down to debris getting in underneath the display through a gap over the hinge. 

According to the recent report, Samsung will solve the first problem by tucking in the protective layer into the device, and so there will be no access - and therefore no temptation - to pull it off. 

The report comes via Korean publication, YNA, and states that prior to its official launch, Sammy is also working on a way to better warn consumers, or make them more aware of the protective layer on the screen and that no attempt should be made to remove it. 

As for the second issue, it would appear Samsung is going to minimise/shrink this gap between the hinge and display, reducing the likelihood of any foreign objects getting under the display layers and causing problems. 

Of course, with any new kind breed of device issues are sure to crop up. Especially when it involves more moving parts and something as difficult as producing a flexible, folding display. 

It's almost a blessing in disguise for Samsung that reviewers caught the issues early, prior to official launch. But at the same time, surprising that these issues weren't discovered before hand. 

Part of it could be that in Samsung's hinge durability tests, the folding and shutting was done in a sterile mechanical environment by robots that only grip the phone one way. The was no debris in that environment to get in underneath the screen. Likewise, no thumbs or fingers being pressed into the hinge to help fold the phone up. So no glitches showed. 

Samsung seemingly still plans on releasing its foldable phone, but is yet to give a concrete release date. We'll keep you updated as news develops. In the mean time, we're also still waiting for Huawei to launch its own Mate X folding device. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.