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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's next Galaxy Note device, the Galaxy Note 10, might arrive this August without any physical keys.

The incoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone made headlines in Korea recently, thanks to ETNews, which claimed it would be Samsung’s first phone with a “keyless” or “buttonless” design. It might ditch the power, volume, or even the Bixby buttons in favour of touch or gesture-based options, though details about what sort of gestures or alternatives are unclear at this point.

Keep in mind the company has filed patents in the past for squeezable edges that prompt actions, much like the HTC U11, which let you squeeze the sides of the device to launch the camera app and so on. However, ETNews doesn't specify if these patents will come to fruition in the form of the Note 10. All we know is that ditching traditional physical keys would be disruptive.

We're in an interesting stage in smartphone design, with phones launching or being teased left and right with foldable form factors, punch-hole selfie cameras, pop-up cameras, multiple lenses on the back, and slide-out mechanisms. Samsung likely wants to stay ahead of the curve and is therefore considering ways it could make the Note 10 stand out among the competition.

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ETNews noted Samsung’s Galaxy A series phones might also be keyless. So, we’re assuming it plans to test such technology on mid-range devices before adding it to any flagship range like the Note 10, which will likely launch in August. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 26 March 2019.