Samsung's foldable phone has been called many names in the last year; Samsung Galaxy X and Samsung Galaxy F were previously popular until the industry settled on Samsung Galaxy Flex.

However, even that could prove to be wrong. Often reliable online leaker @evleaks has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons by claiming it will actually be called Samsung Galaxy Fold.

He doesn't elaborate, just posts "Samsung Galaxy Fold", but has clearly heard that name somewhere. And, considering the timing, with Samsung Galaxy Unpacked taking place tomorrow, 20 February, it's a good possibility that he's right.

It also makes sense; the phone folds after all. And, the teaser video for the event is tagged "The Future Unfolds". When something flexes it generally bends a little, so Samsung could well be reinforcing the message more clearly.

Our only real problem is that Galaxy Fold is an awful name for a phone. It sounds like a new chocolate bar from Mars: "Galaxy Fold, it ripples on your tongue". Actually, it already makes the Galaxy Ripple, which does exactly that. Er...

Nevertheless, like everyone else, we will be eager to find out whether it is Fold, Flex or even Galaxy Bendy-wendy when the event begins.

We'll be at the London leg of the event and you can watch the action as it happens right here, where we will host the livestream.