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(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Galaxy S10+ (S10 Plus), along with a standard Galaxy S10 and a Galaxy S10 Lite, will be unveiled during Samsung Unpacked next month but here it is already.

A person, thought to be a Samsung worker in Korea, has been photographed using one while riding a bus.

It was then posted on Reddit.

The handset in the picture is said to be the largest of three S10 handsets to launch and is encased in a flip cover security case - as revealed by Reddit user ActuallyWorkOnBixby in the comments underneath.

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The commenter claims to have one of the devices him or herself and posts that current models in the wild are meant to have watermark software running on the phone, which would reveal their identity. The person in the picture, therefore, is said to have removed that software for some reason.

hissick27/RedditWow Samsung Galaxy S10 Pictured Being Used In Public Someones In Trouble image 2

You can see it's the Galaxy S10+, not only for its size, but also because it has the double-camera on the front top-right of the display. That matches many other rumours that have been circulating.

The other models are expected to have a single punch-hole camera.

The comments under the posting also reveal that the phone is lighter than a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and that the Bixby used on the new devices will be the same as the assistant software on the Note 9. No major changes are expected.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 January 2019.