(Pocket-lint) - Samsung recently said its next Galaxy flagship won't be its first 5G phone, but that doesn't mean it still won't come with 5G support.

You see, the South Korean company merely confirmed it is working with South Korean carriers to launch its first 5G phone. It said it won't be the upcoming Galaxy S10, but rather a separate 5G phone. Now, thanks to code buried in an upcoming Galaxy S9 Plus update (via XDA-Developers), it looks like Samsung might still be planning to release a 5G variant of the Galaxy 10 sometime later.

Previous rumors have suggested Samsung will add 5G next-generation connectivity to its upcoming flagship smartphones, but this latest find is the strongest evidence of that yet. There are four versions of the phone that appear to be in production. The code calls them “beyond 0” (likely an entry-level model), “beyond 1” (the standard S10), “beyond 2” (likely the S10 Plus), and “beyond 2 5G”.

Mind you, “beyond” is the rumored codename for Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup, which is expected to launch in mid-2019, around the same time Samsung has said it plans to officially embrace 5G. The thing is, most carriers have yet to fully launch 5G services in the world, and so Samsung is rumoured to be producing the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 in limited quantities, according to The Bell.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.