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(Pocket-lint) - The debate around the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to run for a lot longer, but there's fuel to the rumour fire that the Galaxy S10 will see a significant redesign. 

The comments come directly from DJ Koh, Samsung's mobile division CEO, who is reported to have told Chinese media that big changes are coming. Shared by SamMobile from Weibo, you do have to use the usual caution on this type of indirect reporting, but it's something that has been circulating in rumours for a while.

The Galaxy S9 (and Note 9) didn't see much of a design change. Arguably, these are great phones with a strong Samsung identity, but there's also the feeling that for the 10th anniversary of Galaxy, Samsung is going to go big.

That's exactly what Apple did with iPhone X and we've seen how that has now evolved into iPhone XS and XS Max - markedly different from the phones that came before. 

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Exactly what this "significant" design change might mean for Samsung we don't know. The general feeling is that this isn't the foldable Galaxy phone we're expecting to see next year, but the direction Samsung will take remains to be seen.

We're expecting Samsung to make a move to new hardware for the phone, there's talk of a three-lens camera for the rear, but there's still a lot to be uncovered. 

Exactly how aggressive Samsung will be on pricing remains to be seen: with Apple launching the £1099 iPhone XS Max, we're hoping that Samsung doesn't take the chance to push its own phone price higher.

Writing by Chris Hall.