Unlike previous years, Samsung has been rather poor at hiding details on its next flagship phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be announced at a dedicated Unpacked event in New York this Thursday, 9 August, but there will likely be few surprises. We even know the price now, thanks to Samsung itself.

Samsung's Vietnamese website has posted the prices (in Vietnamese dong) for the 128GB and 512GB models of the new Galaxy Note 9 phone as part of a pre-order page we can only presume has been accidentally set free early.

The 128GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is listed on the site as costing 24,490,000 ₫ (approximately £815). The 521GB model is listed for 29,490,000 ₫ (around £980 at today's exchange rate).

SamsungSamsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Revealed Ahead Of Unpacked Launch image 3

There will likely be some deviation in prices in different regions, thanks to import tax and the like, but you can see the general ballpark figures from this "official" leak.

In addition, Samsung Vietnam has revealed some of the free bundled items that will be available with the phone in Vietnam.

There will be a fast charge wireless charging stand, USB-C to HDMI adapter, Clear View case and a pair of JBL Inspire 700 headphones.

SamsungSamsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Revealed Ahead Of Unpacked Launch image 2

These might not be representative of different offers around the globe, however. We have heard that the US version will come with a free Fortnite bundle or AKG headphones, for example.

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