(Pocket-lint) - There has been so much written about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already that you'd think that nothing more can be revealed ahead of Unpacked on Thursday. The Samsung Galaxy Watch too.

However, Reddit user Wan997 has managed to unveil a few more alleged details ahead of both devices' unveiling.

He claims to have ties to a "Samsung national trainer" in the US and therefore has some information not generally shared elsewhere.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, he posts, will be available (in the States, at least) with a choice of either a Fortnite gaming package or AKG wireless noise cancelling headphones (worth $299). Customers who want both can pay an extra $99.

The all-new S Pen will also be available to buy for the first time, so users can opt for different colour combinations. And the stylus itself will work for 30 minutes after just 40 seconds of charging.

Other info on the S Pen includes the fact that it will flip the phone's camera with a double tap of the button, while your offscreen memo font will appear in the same colour as the S Pen itself.

The Note 9 has a similar footprint to the Note 8, even though it comes with a larger 6.4-inch screen. It fits a Note 8 case, claims Wan997.

There are other new camera features, including AI tech to optimise images based on the scene. And speech bubble hints will inform you if a picture has imperfections, such as blurriness, eyes blinking, etc.

Finally, the Note 9 can link to an external display without the need for a DEX Pad - just use a USB-C to HDMI adaptor. And you can still use the handset when in DEX mode to take notes, etc.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Wan997 reveals that it will be available in 46 and 42mm sizes for men and women. There will be a new rose gold colour. And battery life can be extended to seven days on the larger of the two watches.

It won't feature MST technology for Samsung Pay, however, just NFC. Although there will be 40 workout modes in comparison to the 10 on the Samsung Gear S3.

We'll find out whether all of this is genuine during this Thursday's launch at Unpacked.

Writing by Rik Henderson.